About TLj Creative Marketing

Our Story began in 2017 with a clear vision – to bring creative design and innovative marketing strategies under one roof. Today, we are proud to be a leading player in the industry, helping businesses transform their brands and accelerate their growth.

Our mission revolves around fueling the success of small to medium-sized businesses with the power of intelligent website design, inventive digital marketing, and unparalleled customer service. Our focus is on aiding our clients to attain their milestone goals, made possible through targeted audience engagement, robust brand building, and compelling business storytelling. We believe in equipping our clients with a strong foundation and the necessary tools that not only enable them to reach their desired audience but also create a resonant impact within their industry. We stand by you as your strategic partner, ensuring your success becomes our shared victory.

Let’s us help you tell your story! A strong brand can increase sales and customer loyalty while decreasing the cost of acquisition.

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MEET TISHA LITTLEJOHN aka The Reformed Knucklehead

Diving into the digital realm, my passion lies in unraveling the complexities of digital marketing and transforming them into seamless strategies that elevate businesses. As the founder of TLJ Creative Marketing LLC, I thrive on curing the “marketing-aches” that challenge our clients, guiding them through the maze of the online world with innovative solutions and insightful strategies.

Our competitive advantage shines in specialized ChatGPT training, organic marketing coaching, content marketing, and strategic social media management. Leveraging the power of AI and fostering genuine, organic growth, we craft tailored strategies that resonate deeply with audiences and drive meaningful engagement.

With a foundation built on over 15 years of entrepreneurial spirit and more than twenty-five years steeped in digital marketing, my mission is straightforward: to demystify the digital marketing landscape for fellow entrepreneurs, providing them with the insights and tools they need to succeed online.

Away from the buzz of digital campaigns and strategy sessions, I find my equilibrium in Chicago, my home. Sharing my wellness journey on my blog, ‘As Healthy Feels,’ or unpacking entrepreneurial lessons on my podcast, “Knucklehead Confessions,” I cherish these moments of connection and reflection. Yet, one of my greatest joys and sources of inspiration remains roller skating. The feel of wheels on a smooth surface, the rhythm, the freedom—it’s where I find my bliss and recharge, ready to tackle the next digital challenge. This passion for roller skating is more than a hobby; it’s a reminder of the balance between persistence and flow, a principle I carry into every aspect of my work and life.